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Welding Beanies

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Both Welder Beanies and Children's Hats are double layered for Comfort

Each Welding cap is custom sized to fit most head sizes and shapes

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100% cotton is used for Spark Protection


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Handmade Welder Beanies Canadian Designs

Alberta Custom Made Welder Beanies

Welcome to Pocketfull of Threads. Family owned and operated, Pocketfull of Threads is a Canadian company that designs unique hand made welder beanies for customers located throughout Alberta and surrounding provinces.

homefeatureYou will be amazed at the quality of our unique welder beanie designs!

  • Various styles and fabrics are available and custom sized to fit all head sizes and shapes.
  • Each welding cap is double layered for comfort with the solid colour on the inside.
  • Although caps are pre-washed, for future cleaning, wash in cold water and air dry.
  • 100% cotton is used for spark protection.
  • Your custom fabric can be used for your beanie, Email Dominique for more info.

Custom Designed Welding Beanies and Children's hats

Our custom made welder beanies are as unique as you are. We have many different fabric styles for you to choose and we can create small as well as large quantities.

Please click here to see the Styles we have currently available.

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Dominique Scott

Seamstress Custom Designer

Stony Plain, AB

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